من یک حامی هستم


HAMI:  means supporter in Farsi  

Hami Association :

Hami is a non-governmental organisation, supporting and developing educational and cultural settings.This organisation is built on public trust, charitable donations, moral and expertise support of benefactors. In collaboration with local communities, Hami builds, reconstructs, expands and equips educational and cultural facilities. Moreover, through providing oversight and support in deprived and rural areas, it intends to improve qualitative and cultural education of children and adolescents in these areas, as well as to facilitate a suitable environment for developing personal abilities and to establish a healthy and efficient society, through using local community’s talents and potentials.


History :

The association of developing and supporting educational and cultural settings, Hami was founded while we felt the necessity of constructing educational facilities in our country and we believed that development in our country is only possible through collective companionship and sympathy. We tried to establish an institution by which to collect and organize moral and financial donations of enthusiastic benefactors in order to build schools in rural areas through the expertise and need assessment skills of our members. In September 11th 2001, Hami held a public meeting in the House of Artists establishment in Tehran in order to make interested parties acquainted with its role and activities in flourishing the potentials of deprived children of Iran. Hami was officially registered and accredited by the Ministry of Interior of Islamic Republic of Iran in 2005. Since 2009 with its mandate being promotion of reading books, Hami started to construct and equip libraries in rural areas of Iran. while education have an essential role in children's life in this country and schools embed the highest number of children, since 2012 Hami turned to empowerment of children through education. 

 Activities :     

Constructing schools in rural areas
Maintenance and support of the constructed schools by periodic site visits

Supporting students through dispatching complementary educational equipment and stationery supplies
Constructing libraries in rural areas, and supporting the libraries through periodic visits
Providing annual book supplies to the libraries, and presenting engaging side programs to promote book reading for children and teenagers
Implementing the innovative program of " Backpack of Books " for remote and less populated villages. This program provides mobile book supplies for villagers , and makes possible periodic turns for backpacks between remote villages which are close to each other. By this program we provide about 1500 books in a year for the villagers in remote areas of Iran
In collaboration with the ministry of education and volunteer teachers from Tehran, we provide educational programs for students, teachers and school principals of Dashtiari District Sistan and Baluchestan Province  





The association of developing and supporting educational and cultural settings Hami, believes education and access to equal educational facilities is the indisputable right of every Iranian child.

Hami association feels the great responsibility of caring for cultural and educational development of children and teenagers from remote and rural areas based on humanistic principles and trust in educated and altruistic benefactors .

Hami association deeply believes that dormant and lost talents of children and teenagers from rural areas if cared for and supported can be the principal foundation of a better future that we transfer to the future generations. This support and care if not more important than caring for their health is not less valuable than that.



:Hami Association Vision Statement until 2017

To be a pioneer in educational and cultural support of deprived children.

(By constructing 40 schools, 10 libraries and providing  100 libraries with improved educational content and supporting them. )



:Hami Association Mission Statement

Hami improves the quality of life for children in rural areas through construction, provision and support of cultural and educational facilities.


Hami Association Code of Ethics:

• Honesty, Transparency, Raising awareness

• Respecting our members

• Encouraging and supporting voluntary work

• Respecting local society's culture and encouraging their participation.                                                                                      

• Accountability, Commitment, Responsiveness

• Knowledge based, Willingness to learn, Being up to date

• Discipline, Being passionate, Having empathy


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